Crush Your 2020 Resolutions with an Everytable Meal Plan

With an Everytable meal plan, we’ll deliver delicious, prepared meals across Los Angeles, starting at $5 per meal…

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First came the cooking kits, like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, and now it seems that ready-to-eat meal plan options are popping up left and right across Los Angeles. Meal plans are no longer for the health buffs, but rather for everyday people and families looking for ultra-convenient food. Los Angeles-based prepared meal plans are delivered right to your door and most have no cooking necessary–just pop in the microwave and dinner, lunch, or breakfast is served. 

According to Statista, the two most popular New Years resolutions are to 1) be more healthy and 2) save more money. We think this is especially important in Los Angeles, where the cost of living is so high and where healthy food options are especially expensive.

That’s where Evertyable Subscription comes in. With an Everytable meal plan, we’ll deliver delicious, prepared meals across Los Angeles, starting at $5 per meal. Everytable is a mission-driven food company that seeks to eliminate food deserts and food inequality in Los Angeles and soon across the country. We are a revolutionary grab-and-go restaurant concept offering fresh, made-from-scratch meals that are priced according to the income of the surrounding neighborhood. 

Compared to other prepared meal kit options, where meals average at least $10 and up, our meals start around $5-$6 in low income areas like Watts, South LA and Compton, and $7-$8 in more affluent areas such as Brentwood or DTLA. 

Here’s an average price per meal comparison to other top meal plans in Los Angeles:  – Everytable: $5.84

 – Freshly: $12.50

 – Territory Foods: $13.95

 – Thistle: $15

 – Sakara Life: $28

 – Methodology: $17

Not only do we beat the other Los Angeles meal plans on price, we believe the quality of our ingredients and taste of our meals far exceeds the others as well. Instead of producing the meals in some faraway warehouse and shipping them across the country, each of our meals is made fresh by local Los Angeles chefs and delivered same day. This allows us to offer fresh salads and grain bowls that taste homemade and are good for you!

But don’t take our word for it! We’d love for you to try an Everytable meal plan for yourself. Visit to try your first order today!