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How To Keep Your Everytable Meals Fresh All Week

Now you can enjoy fresh meals all week…

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Every morning here in Los Angeles, our chefs make our meals from scratch without any preservatives. This means that our food, like any fresh ingredients, is perishable and best enjoyed within four days of delivery. But don’t worry, if you want the freshest possible meals to last you throughout the entire week, just set up a second pickup or delivery by following the steps below!

How to Set up a Second Delivery:

1. Start a new order here by entering your email and zip code. You will essentially create a brand new subscription, so follow the process the same way you set up your first order.

2. Select delivery or store pickup.

3. Select your favorite items to go in your second order. We recommend ordering only the number of meals you need for the rest of the week to keep your food fresh!

5. At checkout, use the same email address to sync your order to your current subscription account.

6. You will see two subscriptions listed in your account: one for your first delivery and the other for your second. Now you can enjoy fresh meals all week! ūüéČ #winning

Need a hand? We’re here to help! Check out our FAQs or let us know at support@everytable.com.