Cost Savings And More: The ROI Of Installing Everytable SmartFridge

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Providing employees with free meals or easy access to nutritious and affordable meals can help your company win the talent war.

A traditional office cafeteria, however, is resource-intensive. The bigger the facility, the costlier it is to maintain.

With Everytable SmartFridge, you can provide employees with exceptional dining experiences for maximum satisfaction while minimizing costs.

The Most Cost-Effective Alternative To Traditional Cafeterias

Everytable SmartFridge is an easy-to-install, tech-enabled fridge that gives offices, apartment buildings, gyms, universities, hospitals, and the like round-the-clock access to made-from-scratch, chef-prepared, affordable meals.

With Everytable SmartFridge, you can radically minimize costs and still provide your organization with superior dining experiences.

Here’s why Everytable SmartFrdige is the most cost-effective alternative to traditional office cafeterias:

It fits any space and your company’s budget.

A traditional cafeteria requires adequate space for the kitchen, dining, storage, etc. The kitchen alone ranges from 500 to 1,375 square feet, or 30 to 55 percent of the cafeteria space.

With Everytable SmartFridge, you can maximize the space allotted to your company’s cafeteria and provide employees with a spacious and decent dining area.

It has a relatively small footprint, so you can even place it near workstations (just like Google did) or along corridors.

It is simpler and cheaper to maintain.

A traditional cafeteria is expensive to operate because it requires lots of resources.

According to a National Grid study, electricity and natural gas account for 3 to 5 percent of cafeterias’ total operating costs (approximately $3.75 per square foot). Add to that the labor costs. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a cafeteria worker is $33, 146.00.

You can significantly lower operational costs by replacing your traditional cafeteria with an Everytable SmartFridge. Everytable SmartFrdige does not require resource-hungry areas such as storage and kitchen spaces.

You don’t even have to maintain the fridge yourselves. Our team at Everytable cooks and packs the meals in our kitchen and delivers them to your company. You can count on us — from fridge installation to meal preparation and inventory management. It’s less hassle and costs on your end.

It’s more sustainable.

According to KTCHNrebel, more than 1 billion tons of food go to waste, and we can leverage technology to end this problem.

Everytable SmartFridge uses digital capabilities to eliminate waste across the entire process, from food prep to maintenance. Our team regularly checks the inventory to prevent food waste. Left-over food also gets donated to food justice organizations. The fridge is also more sustainable because it uses fewer resources than a traditional cafeteria.

It is safer and more hygienic.

Since we are slowly transitioning out of the pandemic, workplace safety remains crucial and a top concern for workers returning to the office.

One study found that more than half of surveyed employees said they would be willing to return to the office if their employers offered an office cafeteria that would enable them to socialize, cut spending, and focus on work.

Keeping a traditional cafeteria safe and hygienic, however, can be costly.

Everytable SmartFridge is much easier to keep safe and hygienic. It also reduces person-to-person interactions as employees can simply pay for and take their food straight from the refrigerator without human assistance.

Moreover, our team observes safety standards during meal preparation, packaging, delivery, and inventory management.

It helps provide great employee experiences.

The talent war has become more intense during the Great Resignation. People are quitting for various reasons, hurting companies in different ways. Companies spend nearly $5,000 per hire. Some businesses claim the cost can be three to four times the position’s salary. The higher the turnover, the higher the costs.

Companies should give people reasons to stay to minimize turnover and talent acquisition costs.

And yes, food can help.

Google, for one, set up various well-stocked micro-kitchens, restaurants, and cafes, each positioned more or less 200 feet away from employees. You can do the same thing without breaking the bank using Everytable SmartFridge.

Everytable SmartFridge allows you to enhance the employee experience by bringing food closer to employees, offering healthy and affordable meals, and making it simpler and safer to dine. They just need to swipe their card, grab food, and enjoy.

Request A SmartFridge

Everytable SmartFridge is much cheaper and easier to maintain than a traditional cafeteria.

If you want to provide your organization with 24/7 access to fresh, affordable, chef-prepared meals at minimum costs, request a SmartFridge now.