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Legacy Office Cafeteria Problems and How to Solve Them Using Everytable Smart Fridge

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Modern times have made it irrelevant to use the legacy office cafeteria approach. It’s a remnant from another era. This outdated paradigm was founded on an entirely different set of presumptions. Legacy office cafeterias were designed to efficiently serve large numbers of workers during a fixed meal break. This service model has stayed largely unchanged since the introduction of fast-food options in the middle of the 20th century.

However, workers today, especially food enthusiasts or those who are more health conscious, are increasingly concerned about the quality, value, and variety of their meals.

Employee engagement is critical for a cafeteria’s longevity. However, this has stalled. Although cafeteria vendors have tried to increase patronage by revising menus and establishing specific local food stations, the cafeteria experience has remained the same as it was in the 1980s. Only the prices have increased.

Aside from the employee engagement and interest perspectives, legacy office cafeterias also pose challenges in office maintenance and logistics. Traditional cafeterias require adequate space for the kitchen, dining, storage, and other necessities. The kitchen alone ranges from 500 to 1,375 square feet, which takes up to 30 to 55 percent of the space. This comes with high operational costs, too.

A National Grid study found that electricity and natural gas account for 3 to 5 percent of cafeterias’ total operating costs (approximately $3.75 per square foot). Add to that the labor costs. Glassdoor states that the average cafeteria worker earns $33,146.00 annually.

Safety and hygiene are also important when it comes to serving food at work. Safety is a major concern for workers returning to the office. One study found that more than half the employees polled would return to work if they had a cafeteria in which they could gather, eat safely, and save money. Keeping a traditional cafeteria safe and hygienic, however, can be costly.

How SmartFridge Can Help

Everytable SmartFridge provides easy-to-install tech-enabled refrigeration that allows 24/7 access to chef-crafted, affordable meals for office buildings, apartments, gyms, universities, hospitals, and other similar establishments.

With Everytable SmartFridge, you can:

  • Radically minimize costs and still provide your organization with exceptional dining experiences.
  • Maximize the space allotted to your company’s cafeteria and provide employees with a spacious and decent dining area.
  • Provide a revolutionized dining experience to your employees as it is small enough to be placed near workstations or along corridors.

You can dramatically lower your operating costs by using Everytable SmartFridge. It does not require large areas, such as a kitchen and storage.

Refrigerator maintenance is also often less necessary. Everytable staff prepares and packs the meals in our kitchen before they are delivered to you. You can trust us, from refrigerator installation to meal preparation and inventory control. You will pay less and have fewer hassles.

Request A SmartFridge

Everytable SmartFridge costs less and is easier to maintain than traditional cafeterias.

If you want your company to have 24/7 access to fresh, affordable, chef-prepared meals at minimum costs, request a SmartFridge now.