Stock Up on Meals To Make Your Week Super Easy

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The easiest way to add stress to an already busy week? Figuring out what to eat for lunch and dinner each day. That’s where we come in. Make it as easy as possible to prep your meals ahead of time. Have your weekly meal plan delivered on Sunday or Monday and have your lunches and dinners covered until the end of the week. Here are 2 easy ways to take the headache out of meal prepping with nutritious ready-to-go meals you’ll love:

Meal Prep…Delivered

With our easy delivery options, you can head to our site and pre-order as many meals as you’d like. Start off the week with our famous Elote Ceasar Salad for dinner on Monday, grab a Buffalo Chicken Wrap while heading out the door for work on Tuesday, and come home to a warm and flavorful Carnitas Bowl after a busy day. Order all of your favorites to arrive at the start of the week, pop them in the fridge, and eat them as you please.

Stop by Everytable

Headed out? Stop by your local neighborhood Everytable and grab a warm or cold meal to go! Have a few minutes to eat? Take a seat and enjoy your meal at one of our many locations. Stock up for the road as well and you’ll cover any hunger pains coming your way. Bring a few options home and eat them throughout the week! If you’re on-the-go and don’t have time to pick your meals in-store, you can always create your weekly meal plan, manage it in your Everytable account, and then pick up your order in store.

And there you have it…prepping for the week is really THAT easy!