Here’s the 3 Salads We Are Loving This Winter

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Kick seasonal affective disorder to the curb with these three salads that’ll be sure to keep you warm and full all winter long! 

The Ancient Grains Chicken Salad

When temperatures drop there’s nothing like a hearty and nutritious meal to fill you up. With a base of grains, spiced curry chicken, spinach, feta, pickled cherries and a maple sumac vinaigrette; enjoy every bite of this craveable salad the next time you’re in the mood for something healthy that’ll actually fill you up. 

The Rainbow Crunch Salad

Rid yourself of those winter blues by adding lots of colorful crunch to your next salad! Fill up with sweet potatoes, beets, pomegranate, quinoa, spinach and edamame! The perfect way to brighten your winter day.

The Green Goddess Glow Salad

Get your glow on with the perfect mix of lettuce blend, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, basil, green goddess dressing and pita crisps for a tasty and nutritious perk.

There you have it…3 salads that’ll be sure to keep you well-fed and warm all winter long.