Our First Annual Impact Report

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As a social enterprise and public benefit corporation, we are in business to make fresh, delicious meals and on a mission to change the food system and our world. We believe that nutritious food is a human right and should be available to everyone, because people with access to good food have better health outcomes and overall quality of life. 

Through our first annual impact report, we aim to celebrate how our customers, team members, investors and strategic partners all play a vital role in achieving our mission. We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities we serve through our three Impact Pillars

  1. Making nutritious food affordable and accessible to everyone
  2. Creating a more inclusive economy
  3. Supporting a sustainable food system

This inaugural report is an invitation to learn more about our commitment to transforming the food system and building a more equitable society. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

Sam Polk
Founder & CEO

1 comments on “Our First Annual Impact Report”

  1. But also, to the comment I made already, you have been on Shark Tank once and then I checked on you because I love the food you talk about but since your only in the LA area your no good for me and doz or so others I know that would enjoy your food.

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