Hospitals get healthier in NYC

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Dear Everytable Community,

I wanted to share some amazing news with you all. We signed a deal with the New York Health & Hospital Association to put Everytable locations in at least 3 major NYC hospitals and maybe more. 

This is a huge deal for us; not only because these stores will serve a massive amount of hospital employees, patients and their families but also because of what this partnership represents. As you may know, one of the unfortunate realities of our food system is when there are fast food locations and unhealthy food inside hospitals, which many do. It’s like, are we trying to make people sicker than they already are?

But the world is shifting. Hospitals want to offer healthy, affordable food to their patients. But that, of course, brings up another issue…healthy food is usually very expensive. Which is why NYC H&H is so excited about Everytable, and we are so excited right back at the prospect of serving nutritious food to the staff and patients of some of the largest community-serving hospitals in NYC. 

The first three hospitals are Jacobi, Metropolitan, and South Brooklyn Health. We’re starting with Jacobi, and have already launched a popup-store as we build out our permanent space. And the great news is our pop-up store has already become one of our highest volume stores. 

Even better, we’re now talking to a 4th hospital…and there might be more coming. There are 14 hospitals in the NYCH&H portfolio….so hopefully we can put an Everytable in all of them! 

And maybe…if our friends at Kaiser and UCLA and Children’s Hospital can help…we can put Everytable stores in hospitals throughout California as well! 

Sam Polk

Everytable, founder and CEO

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  1. kudos to you Sam. Every since reading, “For the Love of Money,” I have been a fan of yours.
    Keep up

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