Testing a new subscription

Uplevel and upgrading our subscription

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Dear Everytable Community,

We’re experimenting with a new subscription offer that we’re going to make available in-store. We’re only actively offering this in a few stores as we test it out, but I wanted to write about it on the blog to get some feedback from you. The offer is below.

We want to offer some daily ease to our casual customers who come in once a week or a couple of times a month. We can make life way more convenient for them. With an Everytable subscription, they can effectively automate that process in their life, and because we love the ability to feed our customers weekly over the long-term, we can offer some really compelling incentives. I mean, 10% off …forever…of our already low prices is pretty amazing. And, free delivery (for orders over $35)! And a bunch of other great stuff including a signup surprise. 

I’d love to hear any and all thoughts about this, to see if we want to roll something like this out across all our stores. We look forward to your feedback.