We’ve Raised $25M in Funding


We’re proud to announce that we’ve raised $25 million in the initial closing of our Series C-2 preferred stock financing. We continue to attract investors focused on food as medicine and that widening access to nutritious food can help prevent and manage chronic diseases.

The round was led by the Dohmen Company Foundation (DCF) through the Dohmen Impact Investment Fund, focused on investing in companies capable of preventing and reversing diet-related disease. Joining DCF are existing Everytable investors Creadev, Gullspång Re:foods and Kaiser Permanente Ventures.

The investment in Everytable is the first for the Dohmen Impact Investment fund since it was launched in March 2023 to accelerate the growth of for-profit social enterprises advancing proven food solutions that improve human health. DCF and Everytable teams first connected through the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger Nutrition and Health, at which time both organizations committed to the President’s bold goal of ending hunger and reducing diet-related diseases by 2030.

2 comments on “We’ve Raised $25M in Funding”

  1. This is HUGE for most of America where there are crappy fast food chain restaurants everywhere. Most food options in the US are either overpriced, tasteless, or horrible nutrition. I hope this becomes the norm and puts fast food out of business. Places like Chipotle are the rare exception to fast and affordable and nutritious food, and having it all cooked in a central kitchen also makes it much easier to prevent contamination and ensure quality control.

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